NVBackup for Palm OS

Utility for making backups of non-volatile memory

NV Backup is a free, thorough and easy-to-use backup / restore solution for newer Palms: Treo 650, T5, TX, LifeDrive and TE2. It will not work on older devices. It uses a different (undocumented) method for accessing data that theoretically should make it be more reliable than commercial backup programs on crash-prone newer PDAs (e.g., ones unstable because of incompatible third party software or buggy operating system).


  • Daily (or nightly) scheduling of backups
  • Backs data up directly from the internal non-volatile memory. This should prevent crashes that may happen with other backup programs
  • Does not require a hard or warm reset before restoring data
  • Precise restore of saved state
  • Compresses and checksums backup data
  • Fast update mode that replaces backed up files changed since last backup
  • Selective restore function to restore one or more specific databases from a backup set
  • Full source code available under BSD license (i.e., unlimited commercial use permitted, though I would appreciate being told about what use you make of it)

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NVBackup 1.21

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